Why Quantler?

Creating a world where investing is aligned with the interests of the investor

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We eliminate costs, lower the barriers for access to investing and increase transparency by making all public investment decisions open source, eliminating any conflicts of interest that are associated with investments managed today.

Some of the benefits of using Quantler

Take control, safe costs

You are always in control, Quantler has no access to your funds.

Direct your own investing

Unlike pooled investments such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), when you use Quantler, you invest in what you want and believe in

Open source

Quantler is open source, want to know how it works or improve it? At Quantler you can. We have nothing to hide, you can inspect investment decisions all the way.

You trade where you want

Quantler is not a broker or exchange, it is a software company. You determine with who you want to invest with. You are not bound to a specific financial instution. Welcome to freedom of choice.