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Decentralized ETFs and Index Funds

Decentralized crypto ETFs and Index Funds launched and ready to go in minutes, rather than years. Welcome to the worldwide alternative for ETFs and Index Funds for Equities and Cryptocurrencies.

Meet Quantler

With Quantler we allow everyone to invest in what they believe in, using decentralized investment products. Automated investments are created and executed much similar to smart contracts, on Quantler's own blockchain. With the ever increasing amount of new cryptocurrencies being released, structured products are lagging behind. Quantler is here to fill this gap. Get investments off the shelf, or create one today. The possibilities are endless.

For more information download our information files.

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Quantler is easy as 1, 2, 3...

Thematic Index Investments

The first step

At Quantler you can create a new or select an existing thematic index for you to invest in. Themes such as self driving cars, internet of things or companies that are trying to change the way we eat. These indexes can contain regular assets (stocks, ETFs, notes, REITs) and also crypto assets (currencies, tokens, tokenized funds, security tokens).

Smart Contracts


Using modules (much like smart contracts), investments are packaged, just like structured products (ETFs). This form of automation runs on Quantler's own blockchain and is executed by its miners. Quantler allows for the creation and realization of products that act and operate similar to ETFs but are not regulated as such. The possibilities are endless and borderless.

Executed on the blockchain

And finally

Once you have selected the theme of your interest, execution will have to take place somewhere. Miners on Quantler's blockchain, execute the automation logic you would find in regular products such as ETFs. From an end-user perspective, there is no difference. From an execution perspective, we have decentralized structured products.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
ETFsVSQuant Funds
Closed Source
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Open Source
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
No customization possible (pre-fabric)
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Open for customizations
Needs regulatory approval
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
No regulatory approval needed, up and running in minutes instead of years!
Supply chain that adds costs
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Direct ownership, no middleman
Traditional exchanges only (Stocks and ETFs)
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Traditional Exchanges (Stocks and ETFs) and also crypto exchanges (Cryptocurrencies)

Select or create a theme of your interest

Cloud computing describes the use of networks of remote servers - usually accessed over the Internet - to store, manage, and process data. As a segment of IT services, cloud computing generates billions of dollars in revenue annually and is showing very few signs of slowing down. For customers, cloud computing offers access to numerous technologies while lowering the barriers to entry, such as technical expertise or costs. Typically, the cloud service market is divided into three primary service models, encompassing infrastructure, platforms, and software.

Index Value


1 Year Return


Thematic Investing

Invest in themes that are in line with your beliefs. Themes can range from Cloud Computing, Solar Energy or even Blockchain related investments. Thematic based investing allows investors to easily diversify and stay affiliated with what they are investing in. Investments can follow latest trends or ideas that better align with markets you trust and know.

Collection of crypto currencies where the market cap is at least 1 Billion in USD value (excluding Tether). Note: as long as dynamic universes have not arrived at Quantler, this universe will not self update!

Index Value


1 Year Return


Catalog full of possibilites

In Quantler's public catalog we have a broad range of themes to choose from. Ranging from themes that include Equities, ETFs or Cryptocurrencies. Easily import and adapt any of the public themes that you want to make use of. Thematic themes (collection of assets to invest in) are easy to access, low-cost, flexible and transparent for the world to see.

Banking isn't the only industry that could be affected by blockchain tech. Law enforcement, ride hailing, and many other sectors could also have blockchain in their future. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are made possible by what’s known as blockchain technology. Blockchain is essentially a global public ledger capable of automatically recording and verifying a high volume of digital transactions, regardless of location. Bitcoin’s popularity is proving blockchain’s usefulness in finance, but entrepreneurs have come to believe blockchain could transform many more industries. Ultimately, the use cases for a transparent, verifiable register of transaction data are practically endless — especially since blockchain operates through a decentralized platform requiring no central supervision, making it resistant to fraud.

Index Value


1 Year Return


Adapt or create a theme yourself

When importing a theme from the catalog, it can be adjusted to your likings. Want to remove some specific stocks? At Quantler you can. Cannot find any specific theme that fits your needs? Create a theme easily from scratch and use it privately, discuss it with the community or share it with others, the possibilities are endless.

Why should you buy QUANT

QUANT Explained

QUANT are hybrid tokens used to fully utilize our network. They have 3 main purposes: 1. it will be our only method of payment, 2. as a reward for mining when offering computational resources and 3. for incetivizing our open source community. In our whitepaper we explain our product on a higher level and explain the disruptive factor of our solution. Please check out our beta version for additional information regarding our product. Please note that hosting Quant Funds for live trading is still under development, buying QUANT now will support us in our mission to bring this to you as soon as possible.

QUANT will be minted during the token sale. The maximum amount of QUANT that can be minted is 180,000,000. QUANTs that are not minted during the initial sale will be destroyed. After the crowdsale the supply of QUANT will be fixed. Quantler aims to list QUANT on several exchanges as soon as possible for additional liquidity and accessibility. Support us now by buying QUANT.

Method of payment

Quantler will only accept QUANT as method of payment for hosting Quant Funds. You can however, use many payment methods for acquiring these QUANTs, either from Quantler or elsewhere such as an exchange. QUANT will be stored in a wallet at Quantler and fees will be automatically deducted.


Run Quantler on your own machine and allow for incoming mining requests for Quant Funds. These Quant Funds require computational resources, miners are rewarded with QUANT for providing these resources by the investors investing in the Quant Fund. Receiving a mining request depends on the amount of staking a miner does compared to its peers.

Development / Voting

Quantler is open source. When you help to improve and extend the Quantler's open source ecosystem you will in turn receive QUANT. Holders of QUANT will be able to vote on new features to be implemented in Quantler's ecosystem.

QUANT token/network economics

The QUANT token knows multiple functions within Quantler's blockchain. To further illustrate the value of the QUANT within the network, we have created the following simulator. Here it shows you the intrinsic value of 1 QUANT when a certain amount of AUM (Asset Under Management) by the network is reached.

The current market size is 20 700 Billion, see whitepaper for source
Market Share
The year on year growth of the network
Network Growth
Total AUM (Asset Under Management) by the network of miners
Network AUM
Intrinsic value
1 QUANT =  $ 0
How is this calculated?
Market Cap
 $ 0
How is this calculated?
Your contribution today, creates a competitive edge tomorrow


QUANT Mining DeviceOperating System: QuantOSRetail Price: 999 USD

Join our ICO and get a discount on Quantler mining devices.

How does it work?

For every $500 you contribute during the ICO, you will get a 30% discount per QUANT mining device when they are available. ICO buyers will get the discount coupons per mail. For example, if you contribute $5000 during the ICO, you get a discount of $3000 for 10 mining devices!*

ICO contribution
5000 USD
Your discount
3000 USD
30% discounts
Join ICO
* Only applicable on hard cap

How Will Funding Be Distributed

Buying QUANT will fund the development of our solution.

QUANT Allocation65% Company Reserved30% Token Sale3% ICO BOUNTY2% Github Bounty
Use of Funds38% Marketing23% Business Development22% Software Development7% Capital Expenditures6% Legal and Compliance4% Other Expenses (unforseen)

Crowdsale Details

Token Details

ProtocolETH, ERC20
Total Supply180 Million
Available Supply63 Million

Crowdsale Details

Private-SaleEmail Quantler for details (min 1000 ETH)
KYC RequiredYes, for all participants
Pre-Sale (bonus)35 %
Pre-Sale CapTBA
Soft CapTBA
Hard CapTBA

Don’t Forget the QUANT Referral Program

if a buyer using your referral link buys tokens, he or she will receive a bonus of 5% and you will receive 5% of the transaction value (win-win)

Create your own referral link

When a user clicks on your link, they will be brought to the QUANT ICO landing page

Bring your friends

If these users whitelist, they will be marked with your referrer ID in our smart contract


With every amount of ETH received from these users-both you and your affiliate receive 5% in QUANT

What Is Compatible With Quantler?


Assets that are compatible with Quantler are US Stocks US ETFs and Cryptocurrencies.

Brokers / Exchanges

We have several brokers which will be compatible with Quantler worldwide. Please log in to our application to see which brokers are applicable to your country of residence.

Brokers Compatibility Roadmap



Menno Hamburg

Founder & CEO

Founder of Quantler, with experience in the investment management industry, data analytics, big data and custom software development in numerous sizes and settings.

MSc in International Management, Nyenrode Business University

Prof. Vladimir Ceperic, PhD

Blockchain Researcher

Research scientist, currently at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with a proven history of delivering comprehensive knowledge and expertise in diverse platforms. Passionate about algorithmic (systematic) trading and blockchain.

PhD Engineering, University of Leuven

Manuele Monti, PhD

Quantitative Researcher

A senior Financial Trading and expert. A Technopreneur with a successful track record of projects at the frontier of Quantitative Trading, Risk and disruptive technologies (FinTech, TradeTech, EnerTech, RiskTech and DataTech).

PhD Engineering, University of Leicester

Christian Oesch, PhD

Quantitative Researcher

Experienced Data Scientist skilled in Python, R, Matlab, Java, Machine Learning, Agent-based Modeling, and Economics and Finance. Strong research professional with a PhD focused in Computational Economics and Finance from the University of Basel.

PhD Computational Economics and Finance, University of Basel

Giordano Frezza


Optimization, quantitative analysis, forecasting, trading, reporting and trading system development with over 15 years experience in the trading and hedge fund industry.

MSc Engineering, Aerospace Università di Roma ‘Sapienza’

Wadim van Akkeren

Art Director & UI/UX Designer

A dedicated User Interface / Product designer based in the Netherlands. Works on improving Quantler’s UX experience combined with customer development.

Bachelor Communication and Mediadesign, Avans University

Ruth Griffioen

Online Marketeer & Strategist

Creative thinker, with a strong focus on text and imagery. Experience in online marketing and creating product exposure and awareness.

Bachelor of Arts, Amsterdam University

Elina Nersisyan

UI Designer

Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer for designing web related functionalities.

BSc Graphic Design, National University of Architecture

Vyacheslav Yermakov

Blockchain Developer

Full stack Developer, both front and backend in different programming languages.

MSc Computer Science, Odessa National Polytechnic University

Andrii Pindiura


Javascript engineer with skills: ES6/ES8, HTML5, CSS(SCSS), React/Redux/React-native/(React ecosystem), Node.JS

Bachelor Physics, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Victor Maliutskyi


Developer with experience in the development of complex sites and web applications.

MSc Computer Science, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Sergey Kirpal


Full stack Developer with expertise in Web-based apps, hybrid Android/iOS apps focused on e-commerce, financial industries, health and safety.

MSc Computer Science, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


Peter Schroder

Executive, Growth enabler, ICT, BPO, Fintech, HCM, Startups/Scaleups, Corporates, NL, EMEA, Global.

Peter is an experienced executive in international scale-ups. As well as from start-up into IPO as within a corporate environment.

Vladimiro Mazzotti

Experienced CEO, Product Strategist, Entrepreneur. Advisor and mentor for several startups companies and large organizations in Europe. Successful managerial experience in Italy, EU and ASIA among various industries (consumer electronics, telco, retail/ecommerce, fashion, food/nutrition, fitness).

Michiel van Eersel

Experienced lawyer specialized in financial law. Working in private practice since 2001, Michiel assisted in the set up of several investment funds and investment companies. Over the last few years Michiel has advised fintech propositions, including related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Phillip Shade

Mr. Shade is an internationally recognized Network Security and Forensics expert, drawing from his over 30 years of hands-on, real world experience as a Network Engineer and Security Consultant in Network Analysis, troubleshooting and Cyber Forensics / Security.

David Morton de Lachapelle, PhD

Senior Scientist Robo Advisory, Data Science & AI with 10 years of experience in academia and the financial industry. Co-created the first European Robo Advisor at Swissquote Bank. Initiated and designed the Digital Goal-Based Investment Platform of Credit Suisse. Adjunct lecturer at two top-tier universities.


The Quantler team brings together technical, legal, and finance talent from top employers and schools

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NY Fintech Week31/07/2018
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SF Fintech Week14/08/2018
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Global Solution For A Global Market

Low cost, from 1 USD p/month
Open Source and encouraged
Above 5,000 USD very competitive 0.25% p/ annum
Transparent invoicing
No conflict of interest
Blockchain Driven
Decentralized architecture
Broker Independent
Crypto currency ready
Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack!

John C. Bogle

Founder of The Vanguard Group and inventor of the index fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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