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Why would you need hosting?

When you are done creating your Quant Funds. You need to host them in order to start investing. Quantler is all about flexibility and transparency, all publicly available Quant Funds are open source and part of public domain (opposed to traditional investment management funds). You can host your Quant Fund wherever you want. However, Quantler's technical infrastructure is optimized for hosting your Quant Fund in a high quality, highly available and cost effective way.

Your Quant Funds, our technical expertise

Create Quant Funds on themes such as Cyber Security, Connected Cars, Green Energy, Internet of Things

Here is how hosting a Quant Fund works

Choose hosting location

Choose your location where you want your Quant Fund to be hosted

Start your Quant Fund

Add or remove Quant Funds from your environment

Manage your hosting

Review your Quant Fund's historical performance and manage running Quant Funds

No Lock In

We stand behind our product and hosting service. At any time can you cancel your subscription for hosting your Quant Funds. Our software is open source, you are free to host your Quant Funds on other hosting providers as well.