Meet your personal automated investment fund


With Quantler you can create your own automated investment funds. We call these Quant Funds.

Every investor is unique, so is every Quant Fund.

You decide what you want to invest in: stocks, ETFs or crypto currencies. In other words your universe. Then you decide your investment rules after which you simulate the performance of your Quant Fund based on historical data. When you are satisfied we are happy to host your Quant Fund.

Define your universe and determine what you want to invest in

Specify how your Quant Fund should work

Simulate and analyze the potential of your Quant Fund

How Do Quant Funds Make Your Life Easier?

Traditional Investment ManagementVSQuant Funds
Closed Source
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Open Source
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
No customization possible (pre-fabric)
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Custom made by the owner
Complex Cost Structure
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Transparent cost structure (every dime you pay)
Supply chain that adds costs
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Direct ownership, no middleman
Traditional exchanges only (Stocks and ETFs)
Red hexagon
Green hexagon
Traditional Exchanges (Stocks and ETFs) and also crypto exchanges (Crypto Currencies)

Fit to your style of investing

Whether you are speculative or a passive investor create a Quant Fund that fits your profile


Fast Quant Funds hosted on low latency hosting facilities


Quant Funds for analyzing many assets on a monthly or yearly basis

See how Quantler compares

Minimum Investment
Real Stocks
Direct Ownership
Open Source
Ability to Customize
Worldwide Coverage
$1 - 0.25%
Robo Advisory
~ 1.00%

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