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About Quantler

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Quantler is an online trading system development and analysis platform, that uses templates to (co-)create new algorithms. You can develop your own templates or reuse existing ones. With Quantler, you can test your ideas quick and easy.

  • Entry

    Entry templates tell us when, where and how we enter the markets. Timing is everything, efficiency is of vital importance.

  • Exit

    When, where and how do we exit the markets. Hold a position or take the profits?

  • Money Management

    When we do enter or exit the markets, with how many units will we do so? That’s where Money Management templates come in.

  • Risk Management

    Take on too much risk, and you can no longer trade. The essence is to trade as long as you can.

The Benefits

Cloud Powered

Go online and use the power of the cloud to test your algorithm. Quantler uses grid computing to provide you with the capacity you need.

Template Based

Build a trading algorithm by developing your own templates. Collaborate and improve. Focus on your trading ideas, without having to rewrite code.


Create data samples that you can reuse for your backtesting. Use parameters to squeeze out the final bit of performance enhancements.


Build your templates in the powerful and extendable programming language, C#. Use one of the many libraries C# has to offer.


Analyze your results. Which templates work best with which markets? Come up with strategies you have never thought of before.


Generate a trading strategy using only existing templates, and edit the code before backtesting it. Come up with new ideas fast and objectively.

How it Works


Choose or Create a Sample

Start by defining your data samples. Which assets are you going to test? Create in- and out-samples in order to cross validate the performance of multiple samples.


Generate and Edit Code

Use templates to generate code; edit the results or start from scratch. Whether you can program or not. You are in control.


Backtest and Optimize

Backtest your ideas online and see which work and which do not. Adjust parameters to optimize performance and validate the performance among multiple samples to reduce the implications of curve fitting.


Analyze Results

Analyze your results and see which templates work best together. Reiterate to increase performance or lower risks.

Quantler in Numbers

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Using Quantler

Quantler offers several benefits which can be exploited using the cloud platform. Whether you are an expert in the field of algorithmic trading or not, Quantler's model guides you through the process. Here is a summary of things that you can do more of, better or faster using Quantler:

  • When executing a strategy, run templates in parallel which are event driven for faster decision making.
  • Reuse existing templates to minimize development time for new trading strategies.
  • Start easily and learn from other templates, create more complex algorithms as you iterate.
  • Combine templates if you are unable to program them. Or adjust existing ones.
  • Experiment faster by backtesting multiple template combinations.
  • If you are not satisfied with the end result, edit your code before running a simulation.
  • Program your own entries, exits, money management, risk management and indicator templates.

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