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Your tailor made alternative to traditional investment management at a fraction of the costs

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Now it's easy to automate your investing

Quantler offers you the ability to create your own automated investment fund, simulate your fund against historical data and then connect to a broker of your choice to start investing in stocks, ETFs and/or crypto currencies.

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Choose from one of our many transparent community created Quant Funds, change them according to your believes or create one from scratch. The choices are endless.

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Whether you want to invest passively or speculatively, you are in control. Invest in stocks, ETFs or crypto currencies and balance your portfolio to reflect your investment ideas.

Invest where you want

Invest with the broker of your choice. Quantler is not bound to a specific financial institution. Welcome to the freedom of choice.

Invest in what you believe in

Start automating your investing. Invest where and what you want.

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